Wholesale List Application
To apply for access to the wholesale list, please fill out the form below.
The wholesale lists are ONLY for businesses including wholesalers, retailers and distributors.

These lists are NOT for the general public's viewing - If you are not a licensed business please do not apply for access to the list as your application will be denied without notification.

Applications that are not filled out with all information requested below will also be rejected without notification.

All applicants must include the following to gain access to the wholesale lists:
* Contact Name  (First and Last Name)
* Email Address
* Phone Number
* Company Details (Company Name, Complete company address including country if outside USA)

California Retailers must fill out a Resale Certificate Form EOB-230 (7-02)
You can download the form below and fax to:  (888) 457 - 7454
Resale Cert CA.pdf
click to download