​At WWPS, export is our specialty.  Since 1974, we’ve been the premier exporter of quality reptiles to just about anywhere in the world, with our specialty being the Far East and Europe.  Over the years we have developed effective methods for coordinating and navigating the regulations and requirements of multiple governmental agencies, both here and abroad.  We know the rules and we play by them.  Be it local authorities, the USDA, USFW or State Fish and Game departments, we have the proper licenses and certifications to make exporting a seamless process.

We have the experience, expertise and facility required to safely prepare and pack delicate animals to ensure safe and healthy arrival, anywhere they are shipped.  Our proximity to a major international airport and our relationships with the port authorities allow us to efficiently move animals around the world.  We fully understand the special permits required for certain species, and we handle the application and approval processes involved.
At WWPS, we know export, and we export better than anyone.

Export Services                                                  

  • Worldwide Export of Top Quality Exotic Pets
  • Multiple Vendor Shipment Aggregation & Management
  • Reasonable Minimum Order Requirements
  • International Customer / USA Vendor Relations
  • Live Arrival Guarantee
  • Reasonable Freight Rates
  • CITES Applications
  • CITES Application Processing & Management
  • Health Certificates
  • Salmonella Testing Coordination
  • Export Documents, Handling and Problem Resolution
  • Expert Packing Suitable for all Climatic Conditions.